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18 November 2019

Jakarta, 09 October 2019 – Financial records have become a serious problem in starting a business. As a business starter, financial recording is often an obstacle in managing finances. Not infrequently the absence of financial records makes the business undirected and not detected whether profitable or not. This happens because as a beginner, there is less time to manage finances and less responsiveness with financial management.

The Ok Oce Movement has held a workshop entitled “Creating Entrepreneurship Based Employment” which was filled by one of the speakers from the CEO of Laporanku.co.id. Laporanku.co.id is a financial registration web app that helps SMEs in managing their finances and business. This product provides a solution for SMEs in managing finances because it uses a simple system according to the needs of SMEs. By using this application, SMEs will have professional financial records.

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