Indonesia Innovation Technology Foundation (INOTEK) is a business incubator founded in January 17, 2008 and initiated by Arief Tarunakarya Surowidjojo and Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno. INOTEK support the development of technologically-innovative start-up and small and growing businesses (SGBs) that serve Bottom-of-Pyramid (BOP) markets. INOTEK was established on the strong belief that applicable and appropriate-use of technology and innovation will provide economic benefits as well as positive social and environmental impacts to society. INOTEK was legally established based on the Decree of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of Indonesia Number AHU-917.AH.01.04 at 2009.


  • Support the development and implementation of innovative technologies and entrepreneurial approaches to improve society’s welfare and alleviate poverty.
  • Support technology-based entrepreneurial educational activities.
  • Support efforts to improve technological competencies and entrepreneurial approaches in implementing innovative technology with economic, social and environmental benefits.


To be a leading institution in facilitating the development and dissemination of innovative and applicable technology as well as technology-based entrepreneurship to improve people’s lives.

Board of Advisors

Ilham A. Habibie

Arief T. Surowidjojo
Abdul Rahman

Board of Supervisors

Asep Saefuddin

Dwi Wahyu Daryoto

Board of Directors

Sandiaga  S. Uno
Prijo Soetedjo
Rifda Ammarina

Operational Team

Executive Director:
Diyanto Imam
Program Manager:
Setyowati Rahayu

Program Officer:
Ivi Anggraeni
Program Officer Assistant:
Mahfut Ardi

Finance Manager:
Dewi Suryani
Administration & Secretarial: