INOTEK Mentoring Program aims to support the development of innovative and appropriate technology in Indonesia. We help and assist technology based start up as well as Small and Growing Businesses (SGBs)in developing and commercializing their product.

Benefits of joining INOTEK Mentoring Program

Receive grants to fund technology and business development, networks enrichment, and capacity enhancement.

Eligibility criteria of the innovative and appropriate technology : 

  • The proposed innovative and applicative technology must be already in the stage of proven prototype or technology-based business which has been running for 2 years.
  • Providing affordable technology solutions.
  • Improving the society’s quality of life.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Having commercial viability.

Apply to the Mentoring Program

  • Download mentoring program proposal ; click the link here
  • Send via email to with format as follows:




If there is supporting information that cannot be sent via email, please refer to the address in this website to send it via post.

Ecosystem Builder

In developing the entrepreneurial ecosystem, INOTEK encourages the use of innovation and technology to increase capacity and quality of SMEs. INOTEK believes that applicable and effective technological innovations will provide social and economic benefits and impacts that can help improve people’s welfare.


Startups in Indonesia is growing. The presence of accelerators is a solution that offers a variety of support services and funding opportunities for startups. To help the birth of a startup with technology and innovative products, INOTEK is committed to helping startups by opening accelerator programs. This program aims to connect startups with potential investors who offer access to capital and investment. The program will be implemented for six months.

In addition to mentorship and investment opportunities, INOTEK will facilitate logistical and technical resources as well as shared office space. INOTEK will also leverage SMEs networks. The goal is for startup to emerge readiness to scale up their business.