Yayasan Inovasi Teknologi Indonesia (INOTEK) aims to accelerate the creation and development of invention-based startups and small and growing businesses (SGBs) that deliver both technology and business solutions to transform social and environmental problems and create sustainable economic growth in Indonesia. Generously supported by The Lemelson Foundation, Innovators Forum (IF) 2016 is INOTEK’s annual local platform dedicated to support the development of local ecosystem that benefits the creation and advancement of invention-based startups and SGBs in Indonesia.

The 10th Innovator Forum was held in Malang, East Java on 27 July 2016 with the theme “Accelerating Local Industries and Entrepreneurship Through Appropriate Technology”.

The event featured 2 plenary sessions discussing and sharing best practices experiences in developing invention-based technology solutions in the agriculture sectors and discussions on the importance of standardization certifications as one of the tools to increase the competitiveness of invention-based products and technologies.

The event also featured 4 breakout sessions on maker space, technology solutions for handicrafts sectors, technology solutions for fisheries sectors and technology solutions for renewable energy sectors.

As a hyper-local platform the event was designed as a meeting place for invention-based innovators, business incubators, SGBs, government officials, and academics in Malang, East Java to share their experiences and develop partnerships. About 200 people attended the event.

It is envisaged that the event will contribute to the development of the ecosystem that benefits invention-based startups and SGBs and catalyze greater support and investments into these enterprises.




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