Socialization of INOTEK Mentoring Program in Salatiga

14 December 2014

On June 30th, 2014 INOTEK Foundation in cooperation with the Innovation Research Bureau of Satya Wacana Christian University (UKSW) Salatiga, organized a socialization for mentoring program at Probowinoto Room, Building G Floor 5 UKSW at 10.30 AM-12.00 AM.

The Innovation Research Bureau of UKSW is a unit under the Vice Chancellor V of Research and Community Service Affairs. The purpose of this event is to introduce the profile of INOTEK Foundation and to elaborate its mentoring program to stakeholders who are concern in innovation related to science, technology, and entrepreneurship. In addition, the socialization also aims to make a collaboration program to encourage the development of entrepreneurship-based applied technology between INOTEK Foundation, Satya Wacana Christian University (UKSW), and community in Salatiga.

The event was opened by the Rector of UKSW, Prof. Pdt. John A. Titaley, Th.D also attended by Vice Chancellor V UKSW, Neil S. Rupidara, SE., M.Sc., Ph.D., and Executive Director of INOTEK, Mr. Diyanto Imam as speaker.

In the event, Mr. Diyanto Imam explained about the INOTEK program. INOTEK is a foundation which concern and aim to support the utilization and commercialization of appropriate technological innovation. As a business incubator, INOTEK is different compare to the other incubators because its main activity only focuses on appropriate technology. “We only assist those who are ready with proven prototype but still have problems which are hampering them to get out of the laboratory prototype stage thus we will get a greater benefit,” said Mr. Diyanto related to the commercialization of innovation today.

At the same time, Johan J.C. Tambotoh, SE., MTI as the Head of BIR UKSW explained that the event was also held to launch the institution’s Bureau of Research Innovation. The event was attended by a number of UKSW’s lecturers, representatives of local government of Salatiga and SMEs as well as other invited guests.

INOTEK Foundation has a commitment to organize the similar event in other cities regularly. It is expected that the socialization will successfully capturing innovators to join the mentoring program. In addition, through this event, INOTEK will increase the cooperation with other organizations and institutions to create more supportive programs for technopreneurs.

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