Workshop II MSMEs for Indonesia  in Jakarta

30 March 2024

“Developing Brand in Digital Era”

Jakarta, March 28, 2024The digital era has changed the direction of every line of business. Apart from technological factors that have developed very quickly and the increase in “cheap” technology, the trend of changing consumer interests and behaviour, especially in terms of shopping, has made many companies finally change the direction of their business towards digital.

Of course, companies must follow developments in the digital era so that they don’t become extinct. In the continuation of the MSME program for Indonesia, we have held workshop II in Jakarta with the theme “Building Brands in the Digital Era”. For small-scale businesses, branding is often ignored because it is considered not that important or even too expensive to implement. But actually, branding has an important role to strengthen business identity and increase.

The participants’ enthusiasm was high with many questions asked and involvement in the interactive game. Through workshop II of the MSME Program for Indonesia in Jakarta, we hope that the participants will be able to have an understanding of the importance of building a brand and able to have a branding strategies.

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