09 September 2020

Product: GPE Oil Formula
• GPE (Green Power Engine) is an innovation product of additive oil formulas. GPE helps and improves engine work on vehicles, both gasoline and diesel.
Innovator: Nukaddis Nasher
• Green Power Engine (GPE) can remove and convert water particles in engine oil into Hydrogen gas. Green Power Engine (GPE) will enter all spaces in the engine, thus making engine rotation lighter, resulting in more powerful vehicles, combustion becomes more perfect, so that fuel consumption becomes efficient (economical).
• Improve engine performance
• Longer oil durance
• Save fuel
• Environmentally friendly by reducing exhaust gas emissions
• Maintains a more stable engine temperature
• Make the engine combustion chamber cleaner
• Fluids
• 30 ml package
Acceleratorion Period: December 2019 – June 2020

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