Supporting Garuda Muda Community (WIBSL Finalists) Expanding the Network

19 February 2019

Riry commitment as the Garuda Muda Community founder has been acknowledged globally. His ability in fostering and empowering Indonesian youth with creative skills has produce proud and valuable works. Finalists of Social and Environmental Based Innovative Entrepreneurship (WIBSL) were able to build large businesses that generated hundreds of millions in turnover. WIBSL is an INOTEK collaboration program with Sampoerna for Indonesia, which aims to encourage the growth of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that are socially responsible and environmentally friendly, and have competitiveness.

Garuda Muda community has a mission to empower people with social conflicts. They continuously improve their skills in supporting businesses in three areas: craft, food and printing. Not only demanded by the local market, their products have been commercialized in Japan, Malaysia, Korea. To support the Young Garuda Community, Inotek and Sampoerna for Indonesia promoted Riry to have a business talk with Mr. Hanif Dhakiri, Indonesian Minister of Manpower (02/14/2019). As a result, these creative products will be supported by opening market access as wide as possible. In the future, this initiative will be open employment opportunities for people with social problems.

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