Launching Inwall Incubator Business

17 June 2019

Jakarta, 01 April 2019 The Inotek Foundation held an Inotek launching event as the Inwall Business Incubator. The opening and launching was conducted by Mr. Indra Cahya Uno as the board of INOTEK. Change became an inwall incubator to provide an inclusive program to tenants. Inotek facilitates technology incubation, business incubation, opens access to funding, work & meeting facilities. This change in concept is a form of commitment of the Inotek Foundation to continue to encourage the growth of technopreneur in Indonesia. Since its founding in 2008, Yayasan INOTEK is an Outwall Business Incubator that supports the development of small and medium-sized startups based on Appropriate Technology. The event continued with a Building Your Digital Enterprise workshop for technopreneur based on appropriate technology. This workshop was presented by Coach Chandra from IGHC. In this workshop, it was conveyed why we have to build your digital business, and continue it by COMPRO and LAPORANKU as a solution to build your digital business.

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