Bubuk Hidup

15 June 2015

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Bubuk Hidup

Inovator: Margiasih Putri Liana


  • Bind soil nutrients
  • Environmentally friendly: non-toxic and safe for humans and animals
  • Safeguard and maintain top soil, soil fertility and soil porosity

Impact Purpose

  • Reduce the use of chemical fertilizers
  • Increase crop productivity
  • Restore soil stability

Features & Specifications

  • Bubuk Pemuliaan Tanah: 100 gr for 1 hectare of area
  • Bubuk Pemuliaan Tanaman: 200 gr untuk 1 hectare of area
  • Bubuk Pemuliaan Kompos: 100 gr to 5 tons of compost (1 hectare takes 2 tons of compost)

Incubation Stat: Commercialization

Incubation Period: May 2015 – May 2017


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