Workshop on the Importance of Financial Management

17 June 2019

The Inotek Foundation in collaboration with Sampoerna for Indonesia held a Workshop on the Importance of Financial Management in Meulaboh, Aceh (February 26, 2019) and Banda Aceh (February 28, 2019). This workshop is a series of activities to improve insight and business capacity of 176 SRC members.

Financial management is an activity of planning, budgeting, inspection, management, financial control that should be done by a qualified entrepreneur. Financial management, cannot be separated from the simple thing is to make financial records. Financial records are crucial because they are a reference for:

  1. Knowing the company’s financial condition
  2. Knowing the company’s profits or loss
  3. As a basis for developing a business development strategy

In this workshop, the importance of financial management, how to make simple financial records and applications that can be used to simplify financial records is explained. Participants also carry out simulations to make financial records.

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