Webinar & Demo Day “The Rise of Indonesia’s Micro Economy in the New Normal Era”

10 August 2020

Jakarta, Wednesday, 15 July 2020: To recover Indonesia’s economy caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, INOTEK Foundation, which is supported by Sampoerna Untuk Indonesia, supports the government’s efforts and wants to contribute more to reviving the Indonesian economy through the development of SGBs as a pillar of the national economy.

Start It Up, a Path to Accelerate Micropreneurs is a program of mentoring and capacity building for MSME businesses supported by the Management of UPRS Pulogebang. As a continuous effort to assist MSMEs in Rusunawa Pulogebang & Komaruddin, it has been carried out optimally, namely by providing various pieces of training to prepare entrepreneurs to go online, conducting product photoshoots, making videos, mentoring on copywriting & taglines, creating logos, and promoting online & offline.

To complement the assistance provided, INOTEK Foundation held a national seminar entitled The Rise of Indonesia’s Microeconomics in the “New Normal” Era and a Demo Day to promote products of fostered MSMEs.

A total of 588 SGBs have become beneficiaries of this program and 45 SGBs  products are summarized in a catalog for the improvement of SGBs so they can scale up.

Opening the webinar, Drs. Sardjoko, MM explained the data on flats in DKI Jakarta, which consists of 32 flats with 63,000 residents. With an average maximum education level of only up to high school, even 25% of the residents do not attend education. The community living in the flat is one of the sectors most affected by Covid-19. Mr. Sardjoko as Plt. The Head of the Public Housing and Settlement Areas of DKI Jakarta Province thanked INOTEK & Sampoerna Untuk Indonesia for holding the SGBs assistance program in Rusunawa Pulogebang & Komaruddin. Mr. Sardjoko encouraged this kind of training so that it could be carried out also in another flat in DKI.

Representing Sampoerna Untuk Indonesia, Ishak Danuningrat as Sampoerna’s Head of External Affairs for Indonesia said that during the Covid-19 pandemic this was a momentum for Sampoerna for Indonesia to further enhance the empowerment of SGBs and digitize SGBs so that they could survive and run their business through the Sampoerna Entrepreneurship Training Center (SETC) which is an entrepreneurship training center in Pasuruan which also actively holds online seminars involving MSMEs from all over Indonesia. The second is to provide support for 120,000 traditional grocery stores within the SRC across Indonesia. Sampoerna for Indonesia will continue to be active in creating innovations and breakthroughs that are relevant in encouraging the empowerment of the people’s economy, especially SGBs.

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