Launching Program “Seribu Teknopreneur, Sejuta Pekerjaan”

10 August 2020

In order to commemorate the birthday of the late 3rd President of Indonesia, namely B.J Habibie, INOTEK & Orbit Future Academy launched a national scale entrepreneurship program, namely “One Thousand Technopreneurs One Million Jobs”.

This program is the first national-scale collaborative entrepreneurship program in the world that aims to produce 1000+ entrepreneurs from 34 provinces in Indonesia, spearheaded by Mr. Sandiaga Uno and Mr. Ilham A Habibie

Seribu Teknopreneur, Sejuta Pekerjaan is a program initiated by the best thinkers through collaboration and partnerships with the best companies, organizations and universities in Indonesia, where the 1,000 technopreneurs will experience increased skills, which will help achieve massive job creation and re-energizing the local economy, with the help of technology that is very simple to learn.

Various officials of leading companies and organizations are willing to support this program and hope this program can bring success.

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