Incubatee Women Technopreneur Indonesia Program

06 January 2021

Jakarta, 05 January 2020 – After running a series of Indonesian Women Technopreneur Program activities, starting with Program Socialization, Registration of Candidates for Incubatee, and WTI Bootcamp SandBox Business. INOTEK have selected the Women Technopreneur as follows:
1. Greenie Indonesia
2. Ruas Daun
3. Amorina – Spirulina Indonesia
The Women Technopreneur Indonesia Program is an STSP sub-program that aims to overcome the challenges of starting business, developing a women technopreneur business through incubation services and investment access.
Congratulations to Indonesian Women Technopreneur who have been selected. By this program, we hope that the Technopreneur can grow and be able to provide benefits to society and the environment.

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