Seed Catalyser Indonesia, Workshop II

22 November 2021

Jakarta, 18 November 2021 | After holding workshop 1 in September 2021, now the Seed Catalyser II workshop has been organized by INOTEK together with Findolainen Business Hub and Pratisara Bumi Foundation as program facilitators.

This program is a program from Seed Global to improve the company’s business model based on eco-inclusive which was selected as runners-up BIOPAC, Perfect-fit, Neurafarm, and Sukkhacitta in the Seed Award to optimize environmental, social, and economic impacts as well as improve investment readiness for companies promoted to next grade.

The Seed Catalyser II workshop was carried out by exploring the business analysis of the company and also the analysis of the target market to strengthen the business plan with the concept of sustainability.

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