Expo Inovator Inovasi Indonesia (I3E)

18 November 2019

Jakarta, October 8, 2019 – INOTEK is a business incubator that supports the development of small and medium enterprises (startups). In its support in 2019, INOTEK has incubated 4 startups through the Technology-Based Company (PPBT) program funded by the Ministry of Technology Research and Higher Education.

Ministry of Technology Research and Higher Education has organized the Inovator Inovasi Indonesia Expo (I3E) which took place at JJC Senayan, September 3-6, 2019. The startup that is being incubated by INOTEK has participated in the exhibition. This exhibition promotes the work of innovation and technology from the children of the nation. In addition to promoting technology innovation products, this event also carries out other activities such as:

  • Business and Technology Seminar
  • Talk show
  • Coaching business
  • Technological Innovation Ideas and Concepts

With this exhibition, it is expected that the public will be able to recognize and access the technology created by startups so that the technology created can be competitive in the market and useful for the community.

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