Digital Strategy to Strengthen the Competitiveness MSMEs in Serang

30 August 2023

Jakarta, 26 July 2023 – The UMKM Untuk Indonesia Program had been conducted in Serang with the theme “Digital Strategy Workshop to Strengthen MSMEs Competitiveness”.

This activity is a continuation of the UMKM Untuk Indonesia Program, which is an MSMEs development platform in collaboration with INOTEK and the Sampoerna Entrepreneurship Training Center (SETC) held in DKI Jakarta and Banten.

Digital Strategy Coaching Clinic

The purpose of this activity is to train MSMEs in Serang having marketing techniques through social media so that they can attract the target audience which has an impact on market expansion. Apart from that, in this activity socialization of product barcodes was carried out for MSMEs free of charge with the hope that MSMEs products are ready to enter the retail market.

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