Friday, November 23, 2018, Inotek participated in the Pre-Convention on SKKNI and KKNI Technology-Based Business Incubator in Grand Zuri Hotel, Serpong. The event was attended by +40 people from the incubator, the ministry of labor, the ministry of research and technology, economic cooperation, the ministry of technology, the ministry of industry, BRI, and BNI.

In order to support the development of entrepreneurial incubators, among others, is to increase the competence of entrepreneurs in entrepreneurial incubators. For this reason, it is necessary to compile and publish Indonesian national work competency standards (SKKNI) and KKNI in the field of managing incubators. The SKKNI is a reference in developing human resources for incubator management through education and training, certification and development of the incubator management career.

It is hoped that the ratification of SKKNI and KKNI can be done in 2019 so that it can develop technology-based incubators in Indonesia.



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