Ecosystem Builder
Workshop & Training

INOTEK is a non-profit organization that acts as a business incubator to support SMEs based on appropriate technology. Through the Ecosystem Builder program, INOTEK committed to support the improvement and dissemination of technology-based innovations that are effective and beneficial to improve the welfare of the community.

INOTEK has built an entrepreneurial ecosystem in collaboration with Sampoerna Untuk Indonesia through the Social & Environment-based Innovative Entrepreneurship, Sumatra Innovative Entrepreneurship, SRC Development Program, and Start It Up, a Path to Accelerate Micropreneurs.

Through these programs, INOTEK can support an entrepreneurial ecosystem that is more conducive and has partiality for entrepreneurial actors. It is hoped that entrepreneurs can develop and increase innovation in running their business, so that it has the potential to increase competitiveness and open employment opportunities for the surrounding community