Launch of the ASEAN Youth for Digital Action (AYDA) Program

05 October 2023

Jakarta, 29 September 2023 – After successfully holding the ASEAN Youth Dialogue in April 2023, the ASEAN Youth for Digital Action program has now been launched as a continuation of the ASEAN Youth Dialogue program.

ASEAN Youth for Digital Action (AYDA) is a program to improve the digital skills and knowledge of the younger generation in the ASEAN region, with the aim of encouraging innovation and digital literacy. AYDA is a platform formed to increase the digital knowledge and abilities of ASEAN youth.

Initiated by IEF, Orbit Future Academy, AWS and supported by INOTEK, AYDA emerged as a response to the need for sustainable development in an ever-evolving world, with a clear mission to highlight the important role of youth empowerment.

AYDA provides opportunities for training and mentoring young people as a workforce, to face important types of work in the future, especially those related to the digital world. It is hoped that ASEAN youth can fill spaces in the digital industry. In addition, AYDA also encourages youth leadership training, facilitating collaboration between ASEAN youth with a focus on digital transformation innovation.

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