PATENT REG. NO. P00200600292

The survey results show the potential of small by-catch fish (HTS) in Arafura Sea alone reached nearly 400 thousand tons/year. This potential of HTS has not been put to good use, even most of it were dumped into the sea in dead condition.


The harmonious rotation between conveyer belt and porous cylinder produces very efficient fish meat and bone separation. The output will be ground fish meat (surimi) as ingredient for nugget, meatball, otak-otak, fish cracker, etc.

INOTEK Support

  1. Technology improvement
  2. Company establishment, PT. Samudera Teknik Mandiri (
  3. Provision of production equipment & workshop
  4. Technology commercialization and marketing

Features and Specifications

  1. The price is less expensive than imported machine
  2. Spare parts are available in the market
  3. Simple technology, easy operation and maintenance of the machine
  4. Dimension: 70cm x 72cm x 90cm (l x w x h)
  5. Made of stainless steel material (process system) and iron plate (machine body)
  6. Machine weight: 215 kg
  7. Driving motor: ½ HP, 1420 rpm
  8. Power consumption: 400 – 600 Watt, 220 V
  9. Transmission: gear system
  10. Capacity: 80 kg/hour, separation efficiency: 94.18%, output loss: 3.4%
  11. Noise: 71.08 dB


Address :  Jl. Sindang Barang Pilar I Villa Ratu Endah RT. 05 RW. 06 Kelurahan Sindang Barang Kota Bogor Jawa Barat
Phone/fax : 0251-8625961
Hp. 0852-1730-2904 (Adi Susanto)
Hp. 0815-8409-2612 (Beni Pramono)