About Us

YAYASAN INOVASI TEKNOLOGI INDONESIA (INOTEK Foundation) was founded on 17 January 2008 by Arief Tarunakarya Surowidjojo and Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, and it had received official acknowledgement from Department of Law and Human Rights through the Ministerial Letter: AHU-917.AH.01.04. Tahun.2009.

The establishment of INOTEK was based on strong belief that applicative and appropriate technology innovation will contribute to the socioeconomic impact which help improve community welfare. By this assurance, INOTEK does the following activities:

Technology Sector

  1. Improve understanding, conduct development and disseminate innovative technology that can contribute to the understanding of the benefit and availability of better technology which is affordable for community.
  2. Apply new innovative technology that can provide solution to technological problem, poverty alleviation, and improve the livelihood of community.

Education Sector

  1. Organize and join seminars, trainings, lectures and other public activities to socialize and disseminate various technologies.
  2. Conduct reference study and research on new technology that would benefit the community and policies on technology development and dissemination.
  3. Publish articles, papers, books and other materials based on the output of the Foundation’s activities and other knowledge in technology which provide benefit to the community.

Social Sector

  1. Conduct comparison study to institutions that work in similar sector with the Foundation or attending seminar and conference nationally or internationally.
  2. Grant recognition, facilitation and assistance to community members in technology development and dissemination that is beneficial to community.
  3. Receive and channel donation from other institution in line with the Foundation’s agenda.