Workshop IV “SEED Catalyser Indonesia”

20 June 2022

A one-year extraordinary journey of SEED CATALYSER Indonesia Program.
This program provides space for eco-inclusive startups to grow and be ready to invest. This is proven by several startups that have received investment. Through this program, they learn about Seed Catalyser Tools that can be applied to grow the business.

The SEED CATALYSER program is a program from SEED Global to improve the business model of environmentally-based companies that were selected as runner-up at the SEED Awards to optimize environmental, social and economic impacts as well as improvise investment readiness as the company advances.

In Indonesia, INOTEK Foundation, Findolainen Business Hub, and Pratisara Bumi Lestari as a consortium partnered in the implementation of SEED Catalyser program. We thank SEED Global for trusting us in implementing the program, and we thank eco-inclusive startups Neurafarm, Perfect – fit, Sukkhacitta and Biopac for participating in the SEED Catalyser Indonesia program.

Hopefully, with all the efforts that have been made, it will be able to provide an optimal impact on social, economic and environmental aspects.
We wish to see you again at the next level!!!

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