Workshop IV “LET BE Indonesia Program”

19 May 2022

Jakarta, 19 May 2022 – after the LET BE Indonesia 1, 2 & 3 workshops, the 4th workshop has been held on 17-18 May 2022 Hybrid through zoom meetings and also offline in the INOTEK’s office meeting room.

On the first day, in the first session was given an understanding of “Revolving Fund Financing from LPDB – KUMKM” which is intended for Indonesian LET BE program participants to be able to access LPDB – KUMKM financing.

The second session that was not less exciting was competitor analysis. With experienced resource persons in the field, Andromeda CEO Sweet Sundae has provided experience and tricks on how to analyze competitors so that the businesses being run by the participants of the LET BE Indonesia program can compete and even become market leaders.

On the second day after analyzing competitors, now is the time to evaluate and learn with the best mentors according to the business fields of each participant, which have been divided into 4 fields, namely: Cooperatives, IT, Agriculture, and Craft.

In this session, each participant was divided into four groups and mentored by the best mentor from the Head of the System and Technology Division of Kospim Services for Cooperatives, Febi Ifdilah CEO of Neurafarm for IT, Suko Triyono CEO of Oriflake for agriculture, and Aparna Saxena CEO of TORAJAMELO for Craft.

In this session, participants are free to share their respective problems and learn from the experience of mentors who are experienced in running their businesses.

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