Web-App pesandarirumah.com

06 May 2020

Switching all activities to home is a mandatory condition during the Covid-19 pandemic. Everything that is usually done outside the home is constrained, one of which is affected is the SMEs that can not open a shop or sales stall. Difficult times like this Laporanku.co.id one of the startups that is being incubated by INOTEK has launched the Apps Web innovation pesandarirumah.com which is intended for SMEs. Pesandarirumah.com is an innovation that provides a place for SMEs to sell online, easily, and for FREE. There are +544 registered MSMEs has join pesandarirumah.com

Hopefully, this innovation can provide solutions for MSMEs to be able go online easily and free, which is a solution for the community to stay at home.

So what are you waiting, immediately register to http://www.pesandarirumah.com to go online.

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