Visit of Bali Tourism STPreneur Business Incubator

20 December 2019

Jakarta, 11 December 2019 – INOTEK received a visit from the Bali Tourism Polytechnic Business Incubator. The visit referred to was in the context of conducting orientation and network development and discussing the management of business incubators. The existence of a business incubator is a driving factor for the growth of the startup ecosystem, which plays an important role in growing and developing startups. In this discussion, INOTEK shared 11 years of experience in managing business incubators. INOTEK’s achievements as an incubator committed to assisting startups have given birth to 39 appropriate technology-based startups. The achievements of this startup boast INOTEK as an incubator with all business dynamics and disruptive conditions in Indonesia. Hopefully, this sharing of experience can provide a professional incubation management perspective to improve startup business in Indonesia.

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