The technology-based beginner company (PPBT) program

17 June 2019

The technology-based beginner company (PPBT) program was held again in 2019. The technology-based start-up program (PPBT) is a Kemenrisitekdikti program that aims to build a conducive climate for the growth and development of technology-based startup companies and support the commercialization of R & D results in Indonesia.

The PPBT program is realized in the form of an activity instrument in the form of funding, training, and assistance for incubators and tenants (beginner companies) that are implemented through a competition/selection system. During this program, several incubators were implemented, and tenants who passed fulfilled the requirements to receive funding, training, and assistance from the PPBT program.

The Inotek Foundation was chosen as one of the incubators whose role is to assist beginner companies in improving the business and competitiveness of tenants. The incubation process that will be provided by Inotek is assistance, guidance, training, facilitation of product development, marketing, and access to financial institutions. Inotek itself has implemented an incubation program called the mentoring program since 2008. In this case, the PPBT program is an extension of the Inotek mentoring program.

In 2019, Inotek is trusted to assist 4 tenants namely Sanjo (South Sumatra),  (Yogyakarta), Tujju Kombucha (Bekasi) and Biodeger (edibel) packaging from seaweed (Jakarta). It is expected that from this mentoring program, tenant businesses can develop and be competitive.

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