Talkshow “Ready to Succeed With Entrepreneurship”

31 March 2020

Rusunawa Pulogebang Tower, 15 February 2020 – INOTEK is a business incubator that nurture micro, small and medium-sized businesses. To support these SMEs, INOTEK collaborate with Sampoerna for Indonesia and the Rusunawa Pulogebang UPRS held a talk show “Ready for Success with Entrepreneurship”. This activity is the first step of the “Start It Up, a Path to Accelerate Micropreneurs Rusunawa Pulogebang” program. Participants were given workshop about Entrepreneur Mindset, Present Business Ideas and Digital Marketing that aims to change the mindset into entrepreneurs, provide an overview of current business ideas and apply marketing online and offline.

In the future, we hope this activity will continue and have a positive impact on the residents of Pulogebang Rusunawa, to be able to increase their income and achieve prosperity.

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