Sustainable Business Strategy Training

05 July 2021

Jakarta, 2 July 2020 A healthy and sustainable natural environment is our shared responsibility in carrying out various aspects of life, including entrepreneurship. Currently entrepreneurship is not only looking for profit, but must have an impact to improve or even reduce various environmental problems to create a sustainable environment.

In the era of information technology as it is today, a product or business is not only supervised by customers, but also the public. Even the maturity of people’s understanding of the importance of managing a business, environmental issues and environmentally friendly products has become a concern for modern society. So we must understand that awareness of sustainability has now become a demand.

Through the Build Back National Economy Better Program, the INOTEK Foundation, supported by Sampoerna Untuk  Indonesia, provides its micro and small entrepreneurs from 9 rusunawa in the DKI Jakarta area with Sustainable Business Training. This is based on the idea that micro and small businesses in Indonesia are not just start-ups but must also scale-up.

Irma Sitompul, who was a resource person at this training and is also the founder of the Pratisara Bumi Lestari Foundation, said that a business that has a sustainable strategy is one that pays attention to every aspect of business operations starting from the supply chain, production, delivery of products/services to consumers to waste management has the principle of caring for consumers and the natural environment. A business must have 3P principles, namely People, Planet and Profit. Irma also conveyed several examples of critical steps that can be taken to be able to integrate sustainability into business strategies so that these entrepreneurs can contribute to the creation of a sustainable business.

This training is expected to change the entrepreneurial paradigm which only prioritizes profit but as an entrepreneur must be able to be responsible for the social and natural environment through systematic and gradual steps in achieving the goal of a better life sustainability.

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