Startup 4 Industry Program from the Ministry of Industry

11 September 2019

Jakarta, August 30, 2019 – INOTEK participated in the launching of the “Startup 4 Industry Program” organized by the Ministry of Industry. Startup 4 Industry Program is a digital transformation movement of small and medium industries with tech startup as a technology provider.

In this activity, the Minister of Industry, Mr. Airlangga Hartarto, said that the existence of startups was important in accelerating the digital transformation of SGBs. Through the Startup 4 Industry program, digital technology innovations are expected to be born to answer the needs of small and medium industries in Indonesia that can be utilized in managerial, production and marketing lines.

INOTEK as a business incubator supports the program, and the output of this program is expected to be able to answer the needs of startups in transforming SMEs in the digital age to run their businesses to be competitive.

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