South Sumatera Governor Support SRC Expo

05 November 2018

Inotek Foundation, PT. HM Sampoerna Tbk, and Dinas KUKM of South Sumatra held a meeting with Mr. Herman Deru, Governor of South Sumatra to support the SRC Expo.

Herman Deru give a positive response to support the activities that encourage the development of SMEs, “Don’t get me wrong, actually micro and small businesses like this are steady. They are resilient. When talking about SMEs, I want to push SMEs further.”

He appreciate the active role of PT. HM Sampoerna Tbk and Inotek in developing capacity of SMEs, especially for Sampoerna Retail Community in South Sumatra.

Inotek said that currently we are conducting incubation for Sanjo’s beauty and health soap, which lift local plants called Tembesu. This business has a positive impact on social and natural environment. Mr. Herman Deru is enthusiastic about this product and will encourage the development of it’s business.

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