Socialization of INOTEK Mentoring Program in Yogyakarta

08 December 2014

Socialization of INOTEK Mentoring Program in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta, September 2nd 2014 


To support the growth of technological innovation climate in Indonesia, INOTEK helps innovators and applicative technology based Small and Growing Businesses(SGBs) to develop their capacity both in terms of technology and business aspect through a mentoring program. The dissemination about this mentoring program is conducted regularly. On September 2nd, 2014 we held a seminar in the Hotel of Yogyakarta State University.

In collaboration with PSWG LPPM Incubator of Yogyakarta State University (UNY), INOTEK held a socialization seminar to inspire and encourage various parties to submit their proposal for INOTEK mentoring program. This seminar also allows the participants to share their knowledge and experiences about entrepreneurship, specifically in the field of science and applied technology.

The socialization seminar was opened by Ms. Nahiyah J. Faraz (Head of Incubator PSWG LPPM of UNY) and Ms. Setyowati Rahayu (Senior Program Manager of INOTEK). Ms. Setyowati explained about the mentoring program, the benefit for its participants, as well as the impacts of the program. “INOTEK mentoring program is only eligible for innovators and SGBsin the prototype and commercialization stage, also must be based on applied technology”, said Ms. Setyowati while explaining the mentoring program. In addition, Ms. Setyowati also announced that the 8th INOTEK Innovators Forum would be held on October 31 until November 1, 2014 in Yogyakarta. Therefore, on this occasion, INOTEK looking for information about a topic that is interesting seminars and training needed especially by SGBs in Yogyakarta.

In her presentation, Ms. Nahiyah J. Faraz explained about the development of SGBs in Yogyakarta. She said, “Indonesia will face the era of free trade in 2015 by the establishment of ASEAN Economic Community, thus SGBs should be ready to take on this challenge. But there is no need to worry because every challenges always comes with solutions”. The PSWG LPPM incubator of UNY has several programs to support SGBs development, such as advocacy to connect with governments and banks to get affordable interest aid, product promotion in SMESCO, marketing training via website, link up with HAKI, create sales centers, and many more.

The event was attended by 61 participants consist of the representatives of SGBs, business and technology incubators, students, and government agencies.

Prof. D. Anik Ghufron, Head of LPPM UNY, was delivered closing statement. He explained that SGBs under UNY mentoring program has developed in term of its productivity. The main focus of the program was in the management and product packaging. He also expressed his gratitude toward Ms. Setyowati who came and contributed to assist SGBs to have independent attitude and behavior.

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