Socialization of INOTEK Mentoring Program in Malang

14 December 2014

In the ongoing quest for technopreneurs, INOTEK Foundation was organized mentoring program socialization in Malang City on March 20th, 2014 in the Hotel of Brawijaya University. The event was conducted at 10.00 AM-12.00 AM with agenda including the introduction of Inotek Foundation and mentoring program presented by Mr. Diyanto Imam, Executive Director of INOTEK. The socialization aims to introduce the INOTEK’s profile and program to the stakeholders. There are about 25 participants attended this event from Malang and surrounding areas, consist of local innovators, academics, organizations, agencies and innovators under mentoring program by INOTEK.

Positive respond of the participants to apply to mentoring program is the success indicator of the socialization event. Only required an easy way to join in the program, the applicants can download the application form from INOTEK website then sent the completed application to

INOTEK Foundation has a commitment to organize the similar event in other cities regularly. It is expected that the socialization will successfully capturing innovators to join the mentoring program. In addition, through this event, INOTEK will increase the cooperation with other organizations and institutions to create more supportive programs for technopreneurs.

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