SEED Catalyser Indonesia Workshop III

31 January 2022

INOTEK in collaboration with Findolainen Business Hub and Pratisara Bumi Foundation supported by SEED Global have held the Seed Catalyser Indonesia Workshop III which held in a hybrid manner from January 18 to 21, 2022.

Workshop III was held with the theme of discussion related to financial and investment analysis, whereas previously workshops I and II were held with the theme of identification of business plans, designing growth strategies, and exploring business analysis to strengthen business plans of the enterprise with sustainable concepts.

The Seed Catalyser Indonesia program is a program from SEED Global to improve the business model of eco-inclusive companies that were selected as runners-up including Biopac, Perfect fit, Neurafarm, and Sukkha Citta in the SEED Award to optimize environmental, social, and economic impacts as well as improvise investment readiness for companies to go to class.

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