Sampoerna Retail Community Expo

01 November 2018

The SRC Expo is a platform for exhibition and capacity building to promote Sampoerna Retail Community activities and increase the capacity of SME businesses.

The transformation of SRC members in 3 phases, conventional retail, after joining SRC and becoming a modern retail will be shown at the expo.

At the main stage, SRC collaborate with Inotek will conduct capacity building for SMEs with 3 topics namely Successful Entrepreneurs’ Mindset, 30 Marketing Strategies to Increase Turnover, and the Secret to Success in Funding.

The SRC Expo will be held on November 10 at PTC Mall, Palembang. The output of this event is the public awareness of the SRC program, increasing the capacity of the SME business, and collaboration of SME with Retail members of the SRC to advance local potential, especially South Sumatra.

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