22 February 2023

Jakarta, January 20, 2023 – The United Nations has set ending hunger, achieving food security and improved nutrition, and promoting sustainable agriculture as the second of its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the year 2030. India’s mission for all is now moving towards Nutritional Security. The Indian Council for Agriculture Research recommends Millets as the alternative cereal of the future and has developed the millets value chain to create demand for millets. India has branded millets as nutri cereals going to the superior nutricial millets that are high protein & fiber, slow releasing good carbs, minerals and vitamins and gluten free. Millets also offer a huge opportunity to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and Climate Security as it production requires transforming foods and land use systems.

Sponsored by India and supported by 70 nations, the UN General Assembly declared 2023 as the international year of millets to position millets in global diets in tackling malnutrition and moving towards nutritional security. Indonesia is potential partner in promoting Millets as an alternative nutritious food in regards the demographics, land and usage of flour (in their ready to cook and ready to eat). Indonesia in tackling the food security challenge and malnutrition have developed various indigenous plants and opened up for new alternative resources.

The PINTAR program, which stands for Innovative, Tolerant and Responsive Youth, is conducting a  HEALTHY INDONESIAN CUISINE WITH MILLET project with the initiation of Embassy of India, Jakarta, executed by Inotek Foundation, supported by PINTAR Community, INDIKA Foundation, Chairos, food startups, 3sixty and Agrinex Farm.  150 young innovative and eagerness with more than 60% are women, to be youngpreneur join the program and develop an innovative & creative cuisine from Millet and as potential business initiation in the future.

A series of actions are being held in aiming to create innovative, responsive and entrepreneurial skills through activities as follows:

  1. Planting Millet: real social action educating the younger generation about Millet as alternative food resource
  2. Cooking Competition: competition to find new and innovative food recipes using Millet as a highly nutritious food source combined with Indonesian traditional and modern cuisine. The two categories for the competition are: Indonesian food using Millet, and New innovation recipe using Millet. This competition will also build entrepreneurial spirit where each group will develop their business model with business idea of Millet-based food products.
  3. Millet Cuisine Food Tasting: award ceremony for the winners of the cooking competition. The dishes will be presented by each group, and judged by the jury.

The HEALTHY INDONESIAN CUISINE WITH MILLET project will leverage the youth as successor to the struggle of previous generations to realize the ideals of the nation will be triggered in giving idea and implemented innovative & responsive solution for the food security challenges and beyond as an entrepreneur. The project will educate and socialize International Year of Millet and also Millet as a solution of food security.            

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