New Innovator

24 September 2014


After went through the selection and validation processes, on Wednesday, 17 September 2014 INOTEK Foundation invited three innovators to present their projects for final evaluation to determine their eligibility to be part of INOTEK’s Mentoring Program. The evaluation was conducted by an expert panel consisted of resource persons with strong backgrounds in technology and business fields. The panel members were as follow: Mr. Martin Djamin (National Research Council of Indonesia), Mrs. Adee Tiwow (PT. SEI), Mr. Prijo Soetedjo (INOTEK’s Board Member), Mr Nico Fernando (Prasetya Mulya Business School).

The 3 innovators who made a presentation at this event were as follow:
1. EFE_01 Fuel Saving Technology,
Innovator: Indra Gunawan
2. ABG Converter Kit,
Innovator: Amin
3. Gastrik Stove,
Innovator: Wahono Handoko

Based on the recommendations from the panel all three innovators were accepted to join INOTEK’s Mentoring Program.


Pak Amin sedang melakukan diskusi tanya jawab


Pak Wahono mempresentasikan Gastrik

Indra Gunawan

Pak Indra sedang menjelaskan tentang Efindo

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