Low Temp

09 September 2020

Product : Low Temp
Innovator: Bangkit Dadang R Suherman
• Cold storage with various freezing points
• Innovative product that maintains commodity quality by cold temperature storage
• Food grade
• Saving in production and distribution costs
• One day trip fishermen do not need ice cubes anymore and the quality of the fish is better
• For the health sector, maintaining the quality of vaccines that require cold conditions during distribution.
• Consists of a mixture of 8 food chemicals
• Freezing Point (3 variant) -7,80C, -150C, -250C (for user difference)
• Boiling Point (1290C, 1370C, 1480C)
• Cold Latent: 3000 Joules / kg0C, 5600 Joules / kg0C, 9000 Joules / kg0C
• Viscosity: 6.6 Poise
Acceleration Period: November 2019 – April 2020

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