LET BE Indonesia Program “Workhop 2”

12 April 2022

After carrying out workshop 1 in the LET BE Indonesia program for the LPDB – KUKM Entrepreneurial Incubator Facility, INOTEK again held a workshop which was held for two days on 24-25 March 2022 through a zoom meeting with the theme “Financial Analysis, Pricing Strategy, Share Distribution & Investment Readiness”

This activity is the second workshop in the LET BE Indonesia program, where participants are given an understanding and perform simulations related to financial analysis, pricing strategies, and self-assessment of investment readiness to map the financials of the business.

With the holding of workshop II, participants are expected to be able to analyze finances, determine the right selling price, know the position of investment readiness and be able to determine the distribution of shares so that they are ready to grow and get investment.

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