Is there an Entrepreneurship Soul in LQ45 Company Leaders?

18 November 2019

Innovation is a demand that will crush the managerial courage or entrepreneurial spirit. Large successful companies have a story behind the success that has been transformed into a large corporation in their respective fields. But in fact, Indonesia is still lagging behind by countries in ASEAN, where Indonesia is one of the ASEAN countries with the lowest level of effort.

The Indonesian Technology Innovation Foundation (INOTEK) in collaboration with the Business Indonesia Intelligence Unit (BIIU) is conducting in-depth research that initiates research into dissecting the souls and entrepreneurial orientations of CEO & CFO of large corporate leaders on the LQ45 radar.

This survey aims to understand the role of corporate entrepreneurship on business performance in large companies in Indonesia. This research will dissect the correlation of three variables, namely the value of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial orientation with the business and financial performance of a corporation. Entrepreneurship is not only for startups and MSMEs, but also contributes to big business.

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