Introduction Session in Indonesia Seed Catalyser Program

03 September 2021

Jakarta, 02 September 2021 – INOTEK with Findolainen Business Hub and Pratisara Bumi Foundation supported by SEED Global held an Introduction Session in the Seed Catalyser Program in Indonesia. This activity was carried out as the first step in implementing the Seed Catalyser Indonesia program.

SEED Catalyser Indonesia guides eco-inclusive companies selected as runner-up at the SEED Awards, namely Biopac, Neurafarm, Perfect fit, and SukkhaCitta to refine the company’s business model to optimize environmental, social, and economic impacts and increase investment readiness.

In Indonesia, as a consortium INOTEK Foundation, Findolainen Business Hub, and Pratisara Bumi Foundation are organizations to implement the SEED Catalyser program. From August 2021 to July 2022, will be held 4 workshops, coaching and consulting sessions in response to the challenges faced by the enterprise.

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