INOTEK’s Outreach Event in Surabaya

17 December 2014

INOTEK Foundation held an Outreach activities for its Mentoring Program in Surabaya Institute of Technology (ITS), Surabaya. The purpose of the event was to provide detail information on its Mentoring Program to innovators and other stakeholders as well as to identify potential new innovators. The event was held in collaboration with ITS’s Agency for Business Innovation Incubator Center Ventura.

The event was opened by welcome speech by Mrs. Elly Agustiani, Chairman of the Business Incubator Innovation Agency Ventura of ITS and Mrs. Ivi Anggraeni, INOTEK’s Program Officer. Furthermore, Mrs. Ivi Anggraeni delivered a presentation introducing INOTEK and its Mentoring Program. INOTEK’s Mentoring Program aims to incubate innovators and businesses with applicable technology for BOP consumers. According to Mrs. Ivi Anggraeni INOTEK incubates innovator and appropriate technology-based SMEs because sustainability and competitiveness of SMEs depend on technological innovation.

A guest speaker of the  event, Mr. Dicky of Permodalan Nasional Madani (PNM) provided information on PNM’s microfinance services called ULaMM Program.

The event was attended by 41 participants from government agencies, business incubators, SMEs, academics and innovators.

Next, INOTEK will conduct Outreach for INOTEK Mentoring Program in Palembang on December 10, 2014.


Opening socialization mentoring program INOTEK


Participants actively discussing socialization


Participant shared their experiences of industrial accesories


Participants asked about the mentoring program criteria INOTEK

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