INOTEK’s Outreach Event in Denpasar, Bali

05 October 2015

INOTEK Foundation held an outreach activity for its Mentoring Program in collaboration with STMIK Primakara, Denpasar, Bali on 18-20 September 2015. Apart from conducting an outreach INOTEK also participated in Lean Startup Weekend event held by STMIK Primakara. The purpose of the outreach activity was to provide information regarding INOTEK’s Mentoring Program to innovators and other stakeholders in Denpasar as well as to identify potential new innovators for the Mentoring Program.

Setyowati Rahayu, INOTEK’s Program Manager, delivered a presentation focusing on the details of INOTEK’s Mentoring Program and in particular how the Mentoring Program can assist and benefit innovators of applicable technology for BOP markets in Denpasar. The presentation was followed by Q and A session.

The event was attended by 97 participants from Primakara, entrepreneurs, and BPPT. Moving forward, INOTEK and STMIK Primakara will work together to identify potential innovators for the Mentoring Program.

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