INOTEK’s Contribution in Building the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Indonesia

20 December 2019

INOTEK contributed to building an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Indonesia through the 4-year Ecosystem Builder program. This program partially addresses entrepreneurial challenges and obstacles through workshops, seminars, competitions, research and community empowerment programs. The entrepreneurial ecosystem approach is carried out by INOTEK through critical thinking solutions (outside the box and explore inside the box), by combining several aspects of the social and natural environment to foster a better entrepreneurial ecosystem. When this program model becomes established, it is able to help improve economic development activities in the community. The Ecosystem Builder program, which has been carried out for 4 years, has had an impact on increasing business to +1200 entrepreneurs we call Innovative Entrepreneurs, opening jobs to +2400 people, and providing soft skills training to 845 traditional retailers on the island of Sumatra. Through the program carried out by INOTEK, we see that entrepreneurship in Indonesia has made significant progress with the emergence of new entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial support organizations both commercial and non-profit. This new entrepreneurship comes from the millennial generation with product innovation and marketing awareness strategies that are capable of competitiveness for sustainable business.

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