INOTALK #5 “Energy Entrepreneurs in the Pandemic”

16 September 2020

Jakarta, 10 September 2020, The fifth INOTALK has held online with the entitled “Energy Entrepreneurs in the Pandemic”. This activity aims to provide innovation and inspiration to the public to be able to create new technology in the energy sector. INOTALK featured qualified resource persons in the energy sector, namely Mr. Amin as Technopreneur ABG Konverterkit and Yogha Pranata as the CEO of Gas Sedoyomoro Group.
The speakers said that innovation in the energy sector is very much needed to overcome the energy crisis, and the important role of technopreneurs in being at the forefront of these problems. The speakers also conveyed that it was not enough just to make technology and product innovation but how to make these products used massive, have the legal needed, becoming an industry, and reliable business management.

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