Innovation Award for Amin Ben Gas Converter Kit

12 November 2020

Jakarta, November 10th, 2020, In commemoration of Indonesian Heroes Day, INOTEK-assisted innovation The Amin Ben gas Converter Kit has received the Innovation Award from the Ministry of Research and Technology / National Agency for Research and Innovation (National Research and Innovation Agency). The Amin Ben Gas Converter Kit is a product of innovation and technology as a means of converting fuel oil to natural gas.

This Innovation Award deserves to be awarded to Amin Ben Gas because, not only this innovation being tested by SNI and having national standards, this product can also provide benefits to the community, especially fishermen. By using this tool, fishermen can save fuel energy while sailing so that fishermen can have a positive impact in term of increasing fishermen’s income and save the environment by reducing carbon monoxide gas emissions which can cause a greenhouse effect and result in global warming and reduce damage to coral reefs due to oil spills from a fishing boat.

Congratulations to Amin Ben Gas, we do hopehis innovation can continue to grow and provide more benefits to the wider communities.

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