Habibie Festival 2019

18 November 2019

With the theme “The Future of Learning, Work, Play and Living” the Habibie Festival will be held again on the 17th – 19th of October at JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta. The Habibie Festival, the biggest technology and innovation festival in Indonesia, will feature innovations. The Habibie Festival also hosts the Indonesia Education Forum.

This year is the seventh time, the Habibie Festival is held. Habibie Festival features technology from several sectors, namely new technology from Robotics, Internet of Things, Drones,  artificial intelligence, Virtual Reality, Gaming to traditional aerospace industries, automotive, telecommunications, defense, manufacturing, agriculture, banking, fintech, entertainment, and education.

INOTEK as the Technology Business Incubator participated in the Habibie Festival which will showcase products of innovation and appropriate technology for its development. Inotek will carry technology from cosmetics, food, advanced materials, and IT. Businesses run by startups assisted by Inotek not only use “deep technology” but have a high social and environmental impact.

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