Focus Group Discussion LPEM FEB UI

17 June 2019

Jakarta, March 11, 2019, Inotek participated in the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) event held by LPEM FEB UI at the Ali Wardhana Building, UI Salemba Campus. This activity is a continuation of the first Focus Group Discussion held on March 4, 2019. Previously workshop founded that there were at least 7 aspects that were considered most important for the requirements of MSMEs to rise in class, namely:

  1. scale enterprises
  2. operation management
  3. legality
  4. financial management
  5. information network
  6. marketing Management
  7. mindset

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) have an important role in the Indonesian economy. In addition to playing a role in economic growth and employment, MSMEs also play a role in income distribution and development outcomes. In addition, MSMEs have also been proven to be resistant to economic turmoil; in the period of the economic crisis in 1997-1998, MSMEs — particularly micro and small businesses — were far more able to remain firm compared to large medium-sized businesses. But what needs to be a common concern is that the structure of MSMEs in Indonesia over the past 10 years has not experienced many changes, where the number of business units with the largest share is still a micro-business (98.7%), while Small Businesses are only 1.2%, businesses medium 0.11%, and large businesses only 0.01%.

The output of this Focus Group Discussion was to get input from stakeholders regarding the aspects, and indicators of MSMEs to go up the constructed class. Together, it gives weighting to the aspects that are considered the most important in arranging the requirements for MSMEs to go up in class.

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