Exhibition Trade Expo Indonesia 2019

19 November 2019

Jakarta, 23 October 2019 – International scale trade exhibition, 34th Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) has been held. This activity featured several activities including Exhibition, Business Matching, Business Counseling, Regional Discussion, Overseas, and Local Trade Mission, Export Start-Up Competition and Talk Show. Inotek has participated in this activity by involving tenants incubated INOTEK, namely Tujju Kombucha, Biodegradable (Packaging from Seaweed), Sanjo Beauty, Laporanku.co.id and Lembang Milk. This activity is conducted by Inotek for startups that are incubated to provide opportunities to connect with buyers based on a win-win solution, where buyers find what products they are looking for and sellers meet the needs of buyers for certain products. With this activity, it is hoped that the startups incubated by INOTEK can scale up for export

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