Co-Incubation Program INOTEK – NSTDA for “Living Powder”

11 September 2019

One of INOTEK’s fostered startups “Living Powder” had the opportunity to join INOTEK’s Co-Incubation program with the BIC National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) in Thailand. The Co-Incubation Program is an ongoing activity as follows business consulting, business matching, pilot projects, exhibitions, and network expansion. This program is supported by ASEAN-JAIF.

Living powder is a product for agriculture in the form of active powder which can improve the quality & quantity of agriculture. Life powder consists of 3 product items, namely:

  • Soil Restoration: able to reduce and prevent inorganic fertilizer residues in the soil to save fertilizer
  • Plant Recovery: accelerate harvest ± 7 days
  • Compost Recovery: accelerate the maturation time of compost maximum of 1.5 months

Phase 1 of the consultation business has been carried out 2-6 September 2019 with business consulting activities such as mentoring, business matching with Soil Smile, BIG3, Suphattra Land and fruit plantation farmers in Rayong Province. On September 6, 2019, Living Powder took part in the Thailand Tech Show exhibition to promote and expand the network.

The output of this initial stage of the activity is living powder will carry out a pilot project with Suphattra Land, BIG3, and durian farmers. The Living Powder team also researched the local farmer needs to fit in living powder products. Hopefully, this activity can help Thai farmers to increase the productivity with an environmentally impact.

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